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Aratos Systems and Aratos Space (www.aratos-space.com) both members of the Aratos Group, which was founded in 2003, continuously provide constantly expanding range of added value products, services and solutions in the fields of Space & Satellites, Information & Communication (Cyber) Technology and Homeland Security with a clear vision on providing the highest level of RTD, best practice and commercial business developments.

Aratos Systems provides satellite-related technology and services available, accessible, affordable and applicable for industries, governments and society. Our expertise varies among: GEOINT (Geospatial Intelligence) GIS, space-borne data acquisition, management, storage and on demand processing and design of environmental and security models appropriate for interpreting available EO indicators, GNSS/EGNOS, RPAS, Intelligent Internet Architectures (Future Internet, IoT, Cloud), Mobile computing and M2M Communication Frameworks.

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  • Customized applications and services for EO data exploitation.
  • End-to-end EO data capture, delivery and ground solutions.
  • Utilization of EO data for Crisis Management via GIS environment & modeling.
  • High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS)



  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence (C4I) solutions
  • Critical Infrastructures and Environs (physical/cyber) security monitoring
  • Crisis Management & Strategic Intelligence



  • Environmental protection and monitoring platforms
Public awareness via mob apps for extreme



  • Total Security Process Re-engineering (TSPR)
  • Access Control
  • Telecommunications and Network Security
  • Information Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Software Development Security
  • Cryptography



Selected Research and Development Projects

R&D projects showcase



  • H2020-Galileo-1-2017: GAUSS

  • ESA AO8852: WJETSS

Research areas









Research sub-areas


Geospatial Services


Critical Infrastructure Protection


Crisis Emergency & Disaster Management


Urban Intelligence & Smart Cities




Environmental Monitoring & Protection



Geospatial Technology Consultancy & Engineering


M2M integration Consultancy & Engineering


Space, Air, Ground, Underground, Maritime data integration Consultancy & Engineering


TSPR technology integration Consultancy & Engineering


Command & Control Center capable of supporting several activities across different fields (Space, GeoIntelligence, Imagery Analysis and Post-processing)


Fully equipped Satellite Ground Station constantly connected with EUMETSAT


Mobile computing

Our Team

Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos

Director and co-owner

Mr. Peter Tjia


Dirk-Jan Schuld

Scientific and Strategic advisor

New Ideas

EGNSS Traffic control in stratosphere

The proposed application will develop and demonstrate, through use of stratosphere operating set of drones, a complete monitoring and control of the traffic of drones or other vehicles operating within the stratosphere.

The project will use EGNOS and Galileo features in order to evaluate and demonstrate such capabilities.

A business plan based on the results of such demonstration will focus to enhance specs and drone’s capabilities closer to the controller needs and expectations, adapting in an existing stratosphere drone as a pilot as well as the controller’s operating unit for data collection and controls.

EU space sector starting lower skills and education

The idea is to create educational material for jobs related to space data gathered from drones flying in stratosphere on Earth Observation, Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Such material will be used and tested in classes within a SME Hub related with space data technologies as well as stratosphere drone’s observations

The material will then be embedded within academia’s courses in order to produced high level skilled personnel of the aforesaid area

Blockchain Enabled Intelligent Security M2M Framework for Law Enforcement

Artificial Intelligence is the next best asset in Law Enforcement applications. This disruptive technology can bridge many gaps that currently exist, i.e. the effectiveness in decision making in order to promote active and proactive policing. Despite how powerful AI can be, it cannot sustain a holistic system by itself. Combining Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain technology and a versatile M2M framework, a powerful tool can be created. BEISF idea promotes the concept of Smart & Safe Cities by utilizing all of the above technologies to bring a cutting-edge solution to support crime-fighting.

BEISF will be a flexible platform which integrates data from various sources (sensors, drones, security cameras, etc.) and feeds them to an AI mainframe. The AI mainframe will be responsible to educe safe conclusions and return them to its operator. Such conclusions may include a more effective LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) unit allocation, the course of a protest march, the estimated escape route of a running criminal, etc. Blockchain plays another major role in this platform, by ensuring the safety of the system's data transfer and messaging mechanism, making it safe from any potentially harmful interference. Thus, the system is self-protected by any potential abuse for malicious purposes.


Latest News

Europe Horizon

Horizon Europe B2B Meetings


Prior to the announcement for the Horizon Europe calls and topics, Aratos Systems is already involved in a number of B2B events for exploitation of opportunities for collaborations with important partners throughout Europe. These B2B events are as follows:


In the Finals of the NATO Innovation Challenge 2021 Aratos Systems BV member of Aratos Group


Aratos Systems BV, member of Aratos Group, has been selected to take part in the final phase of the yearly NATO Innovation Challenge. This year the subject of the challenge was space applications for security and defence.

Its proposal is about an Intelligent Blockchain-enabled Space-Assets Protection System. The final winner from all the NATO countries will be chosen in a special event of NATO at 29 of June in Portugal.

As the President of Aratos Group and CEO of Aratos Systems BV, Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos, stated, Aratos continuing the presentation of cutting-edge innovations proposed a system which combines the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology for the safety of space assets like satellites, spacecrafts etc. “We are proud and happy that our Dutch small-medium enterprise, with the contribution of Greek scientists in its team, succeeded in qualifying at the finals of the NATO Innovation Challenge”, ended up Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos. Aratos Systems BV (www.aratos-systems.com) has already developed other similar technological solutions for the security and defence with the use of space technologies like the innovative system for the calculation of the temperatures in the cities in high spatial resolution of 12.5m x 12.5m and near real time.



Aratos Systems BV will attend the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Information Day and Brokerage Event in Brussels in 12-13 March 2020. Our team of experts, led by the President of Aratos Group, Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos, will attend the conference and present the company's new proposal titled "Blockchain Enabled Intelligent Security IoT Framework for Law Enforcement Agencies". Moreover, discussions with numerous contacts are going to take place, in the scope of expanding the Group's network and establishing strategic partnerships for the future.